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Below is the current top 10 books about stock market. These are great to learn more about the stock market and even for the more advanced investor there are books to learn more about tradding.

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Like all ways of investing I always encourage you to get as much information before you actually invest in it. Information about bonds can be found online at this site but sometimes it helps to actually have a book about bonds.
Below are the top 10 bonds books of this moment

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Buying stock in the current bear market takes some curage. But it’s what Warren Buffet would do and as he always says “Be afraid when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearfull”
As he points out in his editorial of last week at the NY times Warren Buffet indicates that bad news is an investers friend as those are just the times to pick up stock that in the long run will perform. But you have to have a long term vision as it’s not likely that a …

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President Bush announced to hold a world summit on the credit crisis soon. The announcement was made with mr. Sakozy (president of France) and mr Barroso (Top of Europian commission) at Camp David.
The summit should focus on how to prevent another financial crisis in the banking world like there is now with credit crisis. The french president called for an overhaul of the current worldwide fininacial system. But the US indicated that they will not create any new policies in Camp David.
The last few weeks there have been sveral meetings …